Keeping Our Haircare Fresh

It’s 2020 and people are wanting more from their haircare than just a good formula and nice packaging (obviously still essential though). Are the ingredients organic? Has anything been tested on animals? What kind of (if any) chemicals are in the formula? Is the packaging recyclable? In comes Pure, a haircare range that’s ticking all off those boxes.


Australian owned and made, Pure believe its products are ‘the perfect balance of science and nature’, using naturally-derived ingredients that have been backed by research to replace common synthetic ones. Every product in the range starts off with a base of the Pure Organic Complex, which includes certified organic ingredients like ginger, aloe vera, lavender, glycerin, horsetail and rosemary, among others to smooth and soften hair.

From there, specific ingredients are added to create each of the formulas, like the hydrating Goddess range with shea butter, argan oil and marula oil, or the toning Forever Blonde range, which uses Blue Cyprus pigments to neutralise yellow tones in hair. As well as shampoos and conditioners, there are also masks (we’ve been used the Sacred mask and it definitely leaves our hair feeling super soft and moisturised) and a range of styling products like the Beach Texture Spray and Shaping Serum.

As well as being made with certified organic ingredients, Pure haircare products are free from nasties like sulphates and parabens and are cruelty-free, suitable for vegans. Pure’s packaging is made from 100% land waste plastic and uses soy ink so they’re 100% recyclable when you’re done using it.


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