Pure Colour is formulated with our exclusive 100% certified organic complex, powerful phytonutrients shea butter and glycerine to create a naturally enhanced, supreme colouring system.


Demi Permanent Colour

EVOKE colour is an ammonia free tone on tone hair colour. It will add depth and tone to the hair and will not lift natural or artificial pigment from the hair.

  • Superior shade selection.
  • Ammonia free + pH neutral.
  • PPD free.
  • 100% certified organic complex.
  • Phytonutrients (shea butter + glycerin).
  • Clear glossing treatment.
  • Unrivalled grey blending.
  • Brilliant blonde toners.
  • Micro pigment molecules for intense vibrant colour.
  • Integrated and colour balanced to evolve permanent colour.
  • 100ml tube 1:2 mix.


Permanent Colour

PURE EVOLVE PERMANENT COLOUR is a gentle (low ammonia + PPD Free) permanent non-invasive colouring system for superior colour results.

EVOLVE is the first bio-enhanced permanent colouring system. Formulated with exclusive Pure ‘Anti-Fade’ Complex (100% certified organic extracts) to provide triple guard protection against the causes of colour fade.

PURE EVOLVE permanent bio-colour system is infused with shea butter regenerative abilities, helping restore hair back to healthy, soft and shiny condition. Shea butter is known as the superfood for hair, naturally derived and abundant in precious constituents to assist in healing, moisturising and protecting.

  • Integrated and colour balanced to Evoke Demi Colour.
  • Micro pigment, PPD free + low ammonia.
  • 100% certified organic complex.
  • Phytonutrients (shea butter + glycerin) restores and hydrates.
  • Unrivalled white coverage with intense natural .00 and supreme natural .000.
  • Intense super reds.
  • Superior ultra lift blondes.
  • 100ml tube 1:1.5 mix.


Supreme Naturals

  • Supreme naturals is a collaboration of science, chemistry and organic certified complex delivering the ultimate colour saturation.
  • Supreme naturals nano-pigment technology increases colour deposit for superior grey coverage.
  • Whilst ageing is a privilege, white hair coverage can be difficult. Super resistant white hair has now met it’s match with new
    pure evolve supreme naturals.
  • These velvet toned supreme naturals will cover the most
    resistant white hair.



  • Take the guess work out of low lightening.
  • Four deposit only lowlights pre-blended to replenish lightened hair.
  • Achieve true to level tones.
  • Even long-lasting multi-dimensional reflects.
  • Available in level 6 and 8 in neutral and gold.
  • Deposits without effecting natural regrowth when foiling.
  • Enriched with our pure organic certified complex.

Instant Tones

5 Minute Toner

INSTANT TONES are a fast-acting, conditioning ammonia free range of intermixable toners, which can also be mixed with Evoke Demi Permanent Clear to further customise your result.

  • Ammonia free + pH neutral.
  • 100% certified organic complex.
  • Phytonutrients (shea butter + glycerin).
  • PPD free.
  • No base break.
  • Versatile, intermixable toning system.
  • 100ml tube 1:2 mix.


Lift and Deposit Colour

EXTREME COLOUR is a lift and deposit colour with intense reflects designed for creating the ultimate colour to lift both virgin and artificially coloured hair. Extreme conditions as it colours.

  • Easy to use one step process.
  • Fast development time.
  • 100% certified organic complex.
  • Six rich vibrant shades.
  • Lightens and deposits in one step.
  • Lasting vibrant colours.
  • PPD free.
  • 60ml tube 1:1.5 mix.


Creative Colour Cream

ARTISAN demi permanent colour creams are created for the artist within us all. Infused with certified organic complex and shea butter. The unique Artisan colour creams create bold to subdued reflects with endless customisable creative results. Artisan colour creams have long lasting colour performance and conditioning benefits.
  • Ammonia free + pH neutral.
  • PPD free.
  • 100% certified organic complex.
  • Phytonutrients (shea butter + glycerin).
  • Designed to be used on pre-lightened hair.
  • Pastelise with clear.
  • Micro pigment molecules for intense vibrant colour.
  • Intermixable.
  • 100ml tube 1:1 mix.


Colour Remover

Pure Eliminate colour remover corrects colour by gently entering the hair shaft and safely eliminating the links that hold together the artificial colour molecules.

These molecules are simply rinsed away in step 2 by shampooing the hair; restoring the hair to its original colour and leaving it healthy and conditioned.

  • A gentle ammonia free colour remover for oxidative colours.
  • Effectively removes demi and permanent colour without damage.
  • Does not effect or shift natural hair.
  • Hair can then be immediately lightened or recoloured on the same day.

Crème Paste


A gentle crème lightener for high performance results.

Formulated with nourishing illipe butter for protection and hydration and kaolin to ensure creamy smooth consistency and perfect application.

Fragrance free and infused with cotton seed extracts to ensure a gentle and effective approach to lightening the regrowth area.

  • Illipe Butter also reinforces skins natural protective barrier and promotes elasticity in the hair and scalp.
  • Contains kaolin clay to ensure creamy smooth consistency for precise and effective application.
  • Contains Cotton seed extract for gentle lightening of the regrowth area.
  • High in essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation and irritation.
  • Vitamin E to help skin regeneration, moisture content and reduces oxidative stress on hair and scalp.


Lightening Powder

EVOLVE PLEX is a protecting bond multiplier shielding and repairing the inner structure of the hair.
Bond multiplier protecting the hair structure as it lightens for the entire development.

  • Time saving, high performing, condition preserving, flexible mixing ratio.
  • Up to 9 levels of lift.
  • New technology means hair melanin is removed at a gradual rate to ensure even, clean results.
  • Cooler lighter blondes.
  • Economical.

Evoke Activators

Argan Oil Infused

Evoke Activators come in 3 strengths and are infused with Argan Oil to add additional anti-oxidants and provide extra protection for the hair.

It is recommended that only Pure Activators are used with Pure Evoke Demi Colour as this will guarantee optimum results.

Activator 0 Can be used when toning lightened hair to reduce risk of breaking base and/or to achieve soft tonal reflects. Recommended to be used with Instant Tones.

Activator 1 Can be used for toning lightened hair and creating soft tones on natural hair. Recommended to use when colour balancing.

Activator 2 Can be used for grey coverage (up to 75% grey blending) and create more intense tonal results. Recommended to be used with Artisan Creative Crème.

Crème Developers

Argan Oil Infused

10vol: For deposit and tone.
             For grey coverage on 70%-100% grey hair.

20vol: Grey coverage, lightens between 1 – 2 levels.

30vol: Lightens between 2 – 3 levels.

40vol: Lightens between 3 – 4 levels.

Pure Crème Developers work in perfect synergy with Pure Evolve and Pure Lightening Powder.


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