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Whatever your hair type, chances are it feels and looks different depending on the seasons. It might feel dryer, more damaged, look frizzier or just be more difficult to style, resulting in more than a few bad hair days. We both have quite similar hair, with summer in Sydney being the worst for us as it’s frizz central over here. While our hair is more manageable in winter (unless it’s raining, of course), we do find out hair gets a little dryer and flatter during the chilly seasons. We’ve teamed up with Pure Haircare to help keep your hair healthy and nourished throughout winter with a few fun tips.


Prevent Dry, Split Ends

Prevention is better than cure! If you find your ends getting quite dry and split throughout winter, a leave-in treatment might just be your new best friend. Target those dry ends by applying a small bit through just the ends of your hair daily, to add moisture and protection while avoiding the rest of your hair getting too oily. We’d recommend Pure Haircare’s Precious Ends leave-in treatment, which uses organic goji berry oil, amino acids, antioxidants and beta carotene to repair and protect your ends.


Always Use A Heat Protector

It’s 2021 and if you’re not using a heat protector on your hair before blow-drying, curling or straightening, you need to add one to your collection. It’s no secret that using heat styling products causesdamage over time, and the Pure Haircare Styling Primer helps to protect your hair during and after styling. It locks in moisture and nutrients which not only works to prevent dryness, but also helps to extend the life of any colour treatments you might have in your hair and strengthens to prevent breakage. Protecting your hair up to 200°C, it’s an essential for anyone who loves styling their hair.


Try A Weekly Hair Mask

Just like a weekly face mask, using a hair mask regularly can work wonders on your hair. As well as helping to reverse dryness in your hair and prevent it from damage in future, setting aside time to pamper yourself can be great for your mental health too. Self care Sundays anyone? Pure Haircare’s Sacred Mask uses organic extracts like shea butter, argan oil and marula oil to saturate the hair with intense moisture, deeply conditioning it to leave your hair smooth, silky and healthy.


Hydrate From The Inside Out

Did you know that each strand of hair on your head is made up of 25% water? The best thing you can do for healthy hair and skin is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water encourages hair growth from root to tip, plus helps your body to survive and thrive!


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