Luxurious colour range with PPD free, ammonia free or low ammonia formulations that are gentler on hair.
Infused with 100% organic extracts and powerful phytonutrients for unrivaled hair condition and enhanced shine.

The Pure colour range is a fully integrated colouring system. Choose from permanent colour, demi permanent colour, instant tones, lift and deposit colour, creative colour cream, lightening powder, bleach, activators and developers.

Bio-Colouring System

Pure Colour is formulated with our exclusive 100% certified organic complex, powerful phytonutrients shea butter
and glycerine to create a naturally enhanced, supreme colouring system.

Micro Pigment, Low Ammonia + PPD Free

Pure Colour is made more safe and gentle with the introduction of micro-pigment technology, which in-turn avoids having to use
high ammonia and PPD. Micro-pigment molecules are much smaller and penetrate the hair shaft more easily, creating less damage
to the hair whilst still producing superior, long lasting colour results.
The phytonutrients and 100% certified organic complex also ensure remarkably low skin irritation, for healthy scalp and pleasant colouring experience.

Colour Balanced System

Pure Colour using the international numbering system is fully integrated. Evolve permanent colour is colour balanced to match Evoke demi colour.

Super Reds

Pure Super Reds use a 5 sided molecule structure that reflects red light and provides a deeper and more dense penetration of colour into the hair structure.
Micro pigments along with extra couplers ensure intense saturated reds with excellent longevity.

Intense & Supreme Naturals

Intense naturals contain extra dye load and micro-pigment technology to achieve excellent cool natural coverage on resistant white hair.
Supreme naturals use highly saturating nano-pigment technology increasing colour deposit for superior velvet toned grey coverage on the most resistant white hair.


Ultra Lifts are highly tone depositing blondes, for excellent neutralisation of warmth and minimum amounts of ammonia to ensure scalp health and comfort.


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