pure colour pigment retention complex

(Blended With Certified 100% Organic Extracts)

Pure Colour Pigment Retention complex is a blend of natural ingredients to stabilise and lock colour molecules in the hair shaft.
It helps fight free radicals, ensuring colour stability and longevity, ensuring beautiful long lasting colour results.
From deep brunettes, radiant reds and pastel blondes, these ingredients ensure Pure colour results are long lasting in our harsh Australian climate.

Organic Nettle Extract

Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory Scalp Protection

Organic Argan Oil

Anti-Oxidant, Restores Condition and Softness, moisturises and Shines, Protects Against Heat Styling and UV

Organic Aloe Vera Extract

Anti-Oxidant, Heals And Moisturises, Soothing Anti-Septic, Anti Inflammatory

Natural Shea Butter

Regenerative Abilities, Helps Restore Hair Back to Healthy, Soft and Shiny Condition, Known As the Super Food for Hair.

Organic Thyme Extract

Anti-Oxidant, Soothing Anti-Septic Anti-Bacterial Properties

Organic Althea Extract

Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Ageing, Thickens, Soothing Anti-Irritant

Organic Glycerin

Plant Derived From Palm Oil and Clinically Inspired, Glycerin Is a Natural Humectant, Extremely Efficient in Moisturising And Smoothing HAIR.EVAPORATION Reducing, It Is Ideal to Prevent dryness With Lipid penetrating Hydration

Organic Green Tea

Anti-Ageing, UV Sun Damage protection, Anti-Oxidant

Organic Horsetail Extract

Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Ageing, Thickens, Soothing Anti-Irritant

Organic Rosemary Extract

Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Irritant


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